ACG Other Personal Services

Sea, Air, Land, Courier, Cargo Insurance, Full Container Load (FCL), Loose Container Load (LCL), Consolidated, Goods Inspection, Customs Clearance, Distribution, Door-To-Door Delivery from China to Malaysia (East Malaysia and West Malaysia) or Vice-versa.

Latest trend, economic advantages, mutually benefited of joint exhibitors. (We help customers to search, identify and screen potential China and ASEAN business partners).

Professionally organized franchisors, joint ventures, manufacturers, merchants in participating collective exhibitors programme, in order to seek potential investors for franchising, partnerships and associates. Guided business visiting tours, trade fairs, exhibitions, commodities fairs, wholesale market, factory visit, direct ordering arrangement and market survey, fully explore the business opportunities in China and ASEAN Countries.

In the event of emergency (China, Malaysia and ASEAN Countries):
Accident or injury
Arrested or detention by authorities
Criminal offences
Marriage, birth and death or claim the remains
Loss of travel document or passport
Visa extension
Emergency funds transfer assist