The Law of Landlord and Tenant is a minefield of potential problems, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

It is important to take professional legal advice before entering into a lease of any premises, irrespective of it being a home, corner shop, factory or any other business premises.

All too often we have seen a landlord letting a tenant into premises without a properly prepared lease being in place, or any thought of the legal consequences: e.g. who will be responsible for repairs; when will the rent be reviewed; what happens if the landlord wants the premises back or the tenant wants to stay on?

ACG has specialists based in all of its offices, who can advise on all aspects of Landlord and Tenant law.

Whenever there are changes to Landlord and Tenant legislation, it is important you are aware of changes, whether as an existing landlord or tenant, or if you are likely to become one in the future.

Remember, prevention is often better than cure and your business, your income and your future plans may depend on receiving the appropriate legal advice.