Keeping up with the vast changes in employment law is a full time job in itself. As such, employers or employees are often unable to keep up-to-date with the various regulations and policies to which they are bound.

ACG understands the time restraints placed upon employers when it comes to acknowledging and enforcing the seemingly weekly changes in employment law.

Experience has taught us that many employers are unaware of their liabilities until it is too late.

Therefore, it is as important for employers to be pre-emptive in their understanding of employment law and regulations, as it is for employees to be reactive against those they feel have been breached.

ACG understands that many employees can feel wronged by their pay, maternity leave, holiday provision, dismissal or relocation. There are those also who feel harassed or discriminated against.

ACG frequently undertakes employment law audits, examining contracts of employment, staff handbooks and disciplinary procedures for our clients as a preventative measure against employment disputes.

We aim to iron out problems in your company before they advance to litigation. In the case of a dispute, we urge our clients not to act until they have spoken to one of our team, since many employers seriously damage their prospects of success in any subsequent dispute by acting without advice.