Who we are

ASEAN Consulting Group (ACG) is in the business of providing a wide range of services to corporate organization, as well as, individuals. For the past 18 years, we take great pride in assisting thousands of corporations and individuals dealing with government related matters.

How we can help

Nowadays, dealing with government matters simply means facing mounting burden of regulations, as well as various demanding requirements. Undoubtedly, it is a time consuming process. In other words, these cost significant downtime and real money.

Our experience

At a very reasonable rate, we are able to ‘liberate’ you from the time-consuming and complicated procedures dealing with all government related matters. Whether it is something to do with immigration, licensing, customs, et cetera, we have the necessary experience in dealing with them. As a result-oriented organization, our focus is to provide total solutions to your problems.

What we are good at

The good news is at ACG, we are fully conversant with all these requirements, procedure and the proper channels that should be dealt with, concerning government-related matters. We are able to give you this assurance because our Team of Consultants consists of experienced Former Senior Government Officers, who have held senior positions in their respective fields, and also the Professionals such as lawyers, accountants, chartered secretaries and tax consultants.

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Our vision

  • To become the ‘TRULY ONE STOP CENTRE’, for ALL government-related services in every country we are operating in.

Our mission

  • To execute all the task entrusted by our clients in the most efficient way, trustworthy and reliable manner.

  • To combine the abundant experience of Former Senior Government Officers with the in-depth knowledge of the professionals in delivering the best services to our clients.

  • To always focus on the needs of our clients in providing the best solutions.

ACG eConsult History

Company history

ASEAN Consulting Group (ACG) has been in business for more than a decade. It has assisted numerous start-up business organizations, as well as existing and running corporations in complying with the bewildering array of laws and regulations related to the field of commerce. It has also helped thousands of individuals in dealing with government related matters.

The business of ACG is to relieve business owners from the drudgery of compliance with government rules and regulations which are constantly changing. Hence, the business community will be able to focus on what they know best, which are to develop and grow their business. From only 5 staffs in 1997 and 1 office in Johor Bahru, ACG now has 40 staffs, boasts offices and business associates in various parts of Malaysia. In 2007, ACG set up his first international office in Guangzhou, China. On top of that, we are able to draw on the expertise of highly regarded Professionals and experienced Former Senior Government Officers as our dedicated Team of Consultants.

Our strength

ASEAN Consulting Group (ACG)’s Team of Consultants consists of experienced Former Senior Government Officers. Undoubtedly, they brought with them many years of practical working experience, in various government departments. The background of their previous career enable them to know the proper channels, the paperwork, forms and correct procedures pertaining to all government-related matters.

Therefore, their expertise and vast practical working experience while they were in government service is indeed our biggest strength. This allows all the government-related services that we undertake be done in the most efficient manner and fastest way possible. Besides these experienced Former Senior Government Officers, our network of consultants also consists of Professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Chartered Secretaries, Tax Consultants, Lawyers and Commissioners for Oath. As a matter of fact, after 10 years of rendering our services to corporate organization and individuals, we are fully conversant with all these requirements and the proper channels of procedures. We are no longer subscribing to the trial and error method.

ACG Client Testimonials

It is indeed an ultimate satisfaction for us at ASEAN Consulting Group (ACG), to get numerous positive feedback that we have received from our satisfied clients.

With great pleasure, we attached herewith a collection of testimonials from our satisfied clients.


  • ACG provided outstanding financial consulting services that resulted in significant financial progress for our company over these 2 years. I highly recommend ACG for your company accounting and auditing services.

    Carmen Thau
    Financial Director
  • ACG has an efficient capability in helping me accomplish things that require piles of government documentation and application process. ACG makes it hassle-free for me!

    Basman Hudin
    Business Owner
  • I have a franchise opportunity on and off for years as I have no idea where should I start. ACG has this active consultation in franchising to analyse current needs and future opportunities for the business growth. Look for ACG if you need some guidelines in franchise business.

    Gordon Ng
    Managing Director

Our departments

As a disciplined and streamlined organization, ASEAN Consulting Group (ACG) is managed by a highly experienced managers and consultants. In ACG, we segregate our in-house flow of work into two different departments namely, “Internal Control Department” and “Operational Control Department”. The ultimate aim is to handle client’s problems efficiently without any delay.

We have documented all the necessary procedures and our staffs are constantly trained in all aspects of those procedures, so that they take prompt action towards resolving client’s problem.

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  • Administration & Human Resources

  • Accounts Department

  • Advertising & Promotion

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Follow Up & Collection

  • Information & Technology

  • Legal Advisory

  • Public Relations

  • Bumiputera Market

Operational control department

  • Consultancy Services

  • Secretarial Services

  • Business Services

  • Personal Services

  • Accounting, Auditing & Taxation Services

  • Business Centre

  • Printing, Advertising & Promotion Services

  • Business And Professional Software & Learning Materials

  • Employment Agency

  • Sino-Malaysian Marriage

  • Logistic & General Trading

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