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ASEAN Consulting Group has been in business for more than a decade. It has assisted numerous start-up business organizations, as well as existing and running corporations in complying with the bewildering array of laws and regulations related to the field of commerce. It has also helped thousands of individuals in dealing with government related matters.

Our Services

Business Services

Company incorporation (local, overseas and offshore-tax haven), opening bank accounts, company secretarial services, change of legal representatives, shareholders, company name and nature of business, setting up trading companies, factories, branches and representative offices, liquidation, cost structuring, financial and tax advisory, investment proposal and business advisory.

Personal Services

These services cover a broad variety of matters surrounding the life, activities and well-being of the family, the spouses and the children, such as your passport and travelling document related problems, foreign non-skilled and semi-skilled workers, work permit, employment pass, employment agency, business investment, setting-up company or factory, Malaysia My Second Home Programme, Sino-Malaysian marriage, student pass, foreign spouse marriage, visa extension, legal advisory, settlement procedures, matrimonial assets distribution, child custody, and all other complicated matters handling and consultation.

Our Specialisation

ACG is fully equipped to take its clients through all the necessary steps to attain their objectives with the least hassle simply by careful compliance with the procedures of government laws and regulations. Our team of experts comprises with former senior government officers and experienced professionals who are proficient in their respective fields and with their guidance, both officials and members of the public will save time and expenses with least bureaucratic frustration.

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Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Book keeping, monthly or yearly accounting services, auditing services, corporate and personal tax returns, tax matters, financial planning, and financial assessment report.

Business Licenses

Local authority licenses, business licenses, special approval and documentation renewal services.

Notarization and Attestation

Official documents of foreign and local companies, consulates and embassies procedures, various personal documents of foreign and national citizens, good conduct certificate, single status, marriage documents and driving licence.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Problems in consequence of bankruptcy such as going overseas, Employees Provident Fund withdrawal, passport matters, and discharge as bankrupt.

Birth Certificate

The illegitimate child of a foreign partner’s birth certificate and nationality problems, legalised the nationality and status of an illegitimate child, legal child adoption of relatives or friends and related matters.

Migration Services

Malaysia My Second Home Programme: Retirement programmes in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Permanent resident, settlement and naturalisation (citizenship).

Legal Advisory

Banking, financial, commercial crime, debt recovery, enforcement of judgement, employment dispute, civil, criminal, labour law, immigration law, insolvency, winding-up and debt restructuring, land development and property related litigation, construction contract, arbitration and litigation, matrimonial dispute, mergers and acquisitions, sales and purchase, leasing contracts and tenancy agreement.

Passport Matters

Detention by immigration, default payment to statutory bodies such as Customs Department, Employees Provident Fund and Inland Revenue Board; insolvency, bankruptcy, criminal offences, replacement for loss, damages, expelled from other country, refusal entry, deportation, overstayed, illicit or unlawful employment and problem incurred upon returning from abroad.

Our Coverage Areas

ACG offers extensive service coverage and opportunity to access or expand to China, Malaysia and ASEAN Countries. Our consultation and documentation services covered all government departments of Malaysia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam and other ASEAN Countries.

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